Leaving it Behind

So the seller/executor of the estate are leaving behind a few things with the house.

First and most unexcited we have the leftover crappy laminate floor used in the shoddy bathroom remodel. I think they’re two boxes left. It’s destined for craigslist here shortly. It’s a yellow pine lookalike and has no fit in what I plan to do with the house.

 Next we have the deck furniture.

It’s like a mossy green color for the metal frames and pretty blah beige for the slide off umbrella fabric seats. I’m thinking a good DIY project this summer will involve black spray-paint and new bright yellow fabric. We’ll see how low on the To-Do list they’ll end up though. First deck project will be to power wash and seal the actual deck itself.

There’s also this huge wood desk in the basement. I think they left it because they didn’t want to move it. I’m thinking it’ll end up a craft table, because it’s really nothing special to look at. It would be super functional for a cutting table though. In the basement it stays! We’ve got two whole boxes of shingles, which is good because a few need to be replaced. There’s also a Danish table and chair in the basement in need of some TLC, but I’d totally save it from the trash if that’s where they’re sending it. We’ll see.

Also, they have like a whole floors worth of Marmoleum from the kitchen left over. I’m guessing its marmoleum because the previous owner bought the home in the 1980’s, and she has marmoleum cleaner under the sink. This excites me for 2 reasons. Number one being that the floor is newer, therefore not asbestos backed. Number two being it’s not a bad pattern/color, and is pretty expensive and green. Oh Marmoleum, you might play a big part in the kitchen after all. Because if I don’t have to replace you, I won’t. Your mod, green and would save me green.

 If I do however need to remove anything out the house will have a local lab come out and test for A-notso-bestos. But things are looking up, more so than before!

I got to take Brian’s , my boyfriends, Madre out to see the house when I went out for measurements this weekend. She liked it a lot. Also gave me some tips on ripping up doom carpet from the main living spaces. I’m glad it’s not just me that loves the house. I was afraid I was going delusional with house buying powers. To be honest, if you give me any power, I will go delusional with it. We also decided to do a combined birthday at the end of May for Brian and His Mum, which makes it the first official event that will happen at my house.

 I’m freaking out a little bit. My closing is set for the 14th. That’s ten days away! I’ll be proud to rep the young, unmarried, un knocked up, lady, homeowner badge. Do they make those? I think I’m going to puke from all the excitement!

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