Things to get done!

Final Walkthrough – Thursday @ 7:30
Closing – Friday @ 12:00

Things I need to do before Friday

Call the water company and start water in my name
Call the electric company and start electric in my name
Figure out what kind of filter is under the sink and buy replacement filter They left one for us under the sink
Count light bulbs and buy CFL’s to replace Ordered through duke energy

Things I need to do before Monday

Pick up shower and sink filter
Buy dual flush for potty
Buy gloves, utility knife, carpet tack remover, and heavy duty trash bags to remove carpet
Pick up “new” amazing lane acclaim dining set with the help of the equally as amazing Penny wonder duo
Clean like I’ve never clean before
Bring all cleaning supplies over to the house
Pick up some wood floor cleaner, maybe Murphy oil’s Soap?
Buy Baking soda for DoomFridge
Try and get all books, camera’s, and round table over from apartment.

Hopefully I can get this done! The weekend after this  I’ll be on vacation in Tampa, and the new Harry Potter theme park for  six days. I wonder if I’ll worry about the house the whole time?

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