Meet Bowie!

I feel like I’m twelve, and it’s three days away from Christmas. In my head , If I just sleep through the next three days, it’ll go super quick, right? I’m way excited. My dog doesn’t know it, but he’s excited too!


May I introduce Bowie. He’s basically brian’s and mine’s child. We baby him beyond belief. He eats expensive organic food, which nutritionally might be better than what we eat. He sleeps in the bed with us, and is kind of our everything. When we got him he was about four months old and much smaller. I think he was around 30 lbs. We rescued him from some dog illiterate family who didn’t understand why an Austrailian Shepard had crazy energy. They gave us all of his stuff, and tried to pawn the dog house where they would keep him on us. He had no toys, and his food was “econodog” for adult dogs” and smelled like it had gone bad long ago. We asked the vet if she thought he would get much bigger, and got a pretty firm no. He would “fill out”. Well 30 more pounds later, he’s a pretty big dog, that loves to run and herd.

We had some tough times with him. Our current apartment is around the 500 square foot mark, and for any dog, let alone a high energy shepard, that’s tough. Long walks and playing frisbee in the house have had to suffice.

The new house basically has a park for a backyard, a big private fenced in park.

My dog is going to lose it.

I keep trying to explain to him how awesome it will be, but it’s kind of like talking to marbles sometimes.

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