Paint & Craigslist

So the first half of yesterday was mostly spent taping up carpet rolls full of cat pee and dust. Bagging up all the gross carpet pad, and removing the tackboard and staples from the floor.

The other half I spray painted the floor vents.

I used kilz ordorless spraypaint and it worked like a charm. I think you can see the one before in the set, grimey and gross.

Then I met up with the Penny wonder duo to pick up my “new” vintage Lane Dining room table. The people had wanted 300 for the set, but I talked them down to 160$. I think in a past life I must have been a con artist. The pennys stole their parents sweet truck and off we went to the west side to pick it up. No one had remembered to bring a blanket, but as luck would have it nathan had a bunch of clothes going to goodwill in his car. I think were the first people to use pants as furniture pads.

Those chairs are sexy.

I took the liberty of cropping myself out of all the photos. I am a hot mess.

The dining set came with 6 chairs, two captains and four armless. The table, and three leafs. Plus a table pad. It’s my first grown up set. 🙂

Dinner parties will never be a problem again. This bad boy gets huge.

I think I’m required to have all major holiday functions at my house now!

Things I’d like to get done today:

Get the carpet and plywood off of the porch. 

Clean up the rest of the rooms, sweep, mop, walls, and baseboards.


Take down weird bulletin and cabinent

Take stuff from the storage unit to new basement: xmas, bikes, puppy stuff

Have a bloody mary

Have a bloody mary

maybe paint front door if I can decide on a color

pick up more paint to finish front door.

pick up porch and side of yard

Fix side of couch that I broke last night.

Find out when trash day is.  


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