First Night!

It’s official!

Last night after work I braved rush hour traffic to head up to IKEA and buy a new bed. We have a bed at the apartment right now, but since we needed an other one for the guest/sewing/dressing room I figured we’d upgrade and put the old one in the other room. And since no truck til this weekend, flat packed and rolled mattress are so much nicer to my civic.

Here’s the run down of everything I bought last night.

We went up from a full to a queen, which you wouldn’t think would be that much of a difference . My shins will tell you another story though. Brian’s feet didn’t once wack me in the shins, it was amazing.

I puked a little at how much I spent, I know that might not seem like a lot for some people but it really is for me. It was actually closer to 600.00$ because of all the stupid/cute stuff IKEA tricks me into buying. Money well spent? I’ll take some photos of the chaos that is a barely moved into house for you all later., then we can decide.

We thought we managed to get everything we needed from the house before we left but we were missing more than a few things. I brought bowls for cereal, but no spoons. Coffee and milk, but no sugar or cups. You get the drift. I’m pretty bad of spur of the moment packing. Worse yet I forgot a single lamp. The “Loft” has no overhead lighting, neither does the dining room. So there was no way we could build a bed to sleep on. Now this was probably the fifth trip back and forth from the apartment to the house. Not a huge deal, probably like a ten minute drive. But the thing is, Target is only a three minute drive. Damn you convenience! Well to be fair since regular is 4.00 $ a gallon here, I probably saved money.

I bought two green bedside lamps and a cheapo, which I kind of dig, bedspread.

But I still forgot to get all the other stuff. We survived though. The Malm bed was so much easier than putting together the Hoppen. There was a tiny ding in the back of the headboard that I was pissed about. Not enough to pack my car and drive back up to IKEA pissed, but enough to gripe about it. It’s up against a wall anyways now. I can’t wait to paint everything in the “loft” white. The fleshtone beadboard is killing me. I’m also thinking of getting some nice heather gray Flor tiles for around the bed. Something soft to step onto.

All in all the first night in the house was good. We built furniture and watched Waynes World. Shared of cup of bitter coffee from the one cup we have in the house, and went to work. Oh and we let bowie out into the yard to do his business for the first time. Not having to fit a walk in before work is wonderful.

We did have a few guffaws though, like setting off a poorly placed smoke alarm with our shower steam at six thirty this morning. Oh the joys of finding out your homes quirks.

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