So here are the pics of the “progress” I promised. Brace yourselves because I’m not sure if you’re prepared for how underwhelmed you’re going to be. No really, sit down. 


The floors are darker than normal, because I washed them. I’m pretty sure that I’m the first person to wash them, like ever. They’re unfinished so they soak everything up super hard-core.  Maybe some oil will do them good? Also please note my seriously ghetto nightstands. We brought every DVD over because we don’t have the TV here yet, and my laptop can’t play blu-rays. And since I haven’t found the perfect pair yet, cue scary music, they might stick around awhile. Here’s some more views on the loft.   


Check out that beauty of a dog crate. I have no idea where else to put it. For the most part it’s up here because it’s what bowie is used to, and if he sleeps in the crate instead of the bed we like to be able to here him in case somethings up. He’s our baby, so please excuse us being crazy dog people. At least it’s out of the way? Also note the piece of banister wood missing on the right side of the stairway.


Jump for joy, here’s more blah! It’s a start though, and I’d say it’s far better than what was here before. 

See? Starting to feel a little less cave like! If we find time this weekend, I’m thinking the whole loft, ceiling tiles included will be getting a coat of Kilz. Once I have one flesh toned room down I don’t know if I’ll be able to stop! 

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