Things are starting to shape into a real house! We’ve gotten so much done this week. We’ve only done a soft move so far, just furniture, nothing else really besides the basics. We’ve still got the rest of the month to move, so as always were taking it slow. Here’s some photos from around our place as it is right now.  

The living room


Here’s what it looks like right now

Totally digging the new commodes and slipcover on the sofa. I know the legs don’t match. One of the custom legs I had made popped out and broke the frame, so I fixed it and decided to play it safe. I might paint them soon.

Since we shelled out some bucks for a fancy slipcover we’ve instated a no puppies on the sofa rule, which I’m not sure if Bowie gets or not. He looks all sad and dumb when we tell him down, and direct him to his own personal bed. Believe it or not that was the least fugly one I could find at petsmart. I also just noticed that packing tape on the ground, sorry. 

Another before shot

And here’s the same wall now

The one of many first thing I’ve painted black thus far. It’s the movie wall! As soon as I can slap a second coat on and have it dry, we’re wall mounting out TV. I don’t know what were going to do as far as our consoles are concerned. The apple TV, playstation 3, record player, and stereo need some where to go, but that TOBO tv unit isn’t really flowing with everything I’ve got in mind for the house. It’ll work for now, seeing as I’ve already blown to much money on new furniture, but I’ll be on the lookout for something awesome to buy or DIY. 

We’ve also got rid of the holly trees from hell! Check out the before! 

Here’s the progress picture! 

It makes the house look so much larger! I’ve also started repainting all the tounge color off of the porch with a green called “Bay Leaf” a martha stewart color. I’m thinking about getting rid of the screen door, but it’s pretty practical. I wonder if I can spray paint it? Also we removed the carpet and plywood from the porch, we found planks! Planks that I plan to sand and refinish.

Yes, that is trash on my porch, but at least you can’t see it from the street. Things will get better after we get settled in, moving is such a hassle/bore. 

Here’s half the tree still not broken up. I’m not very motivated to do it seeing as it’s been non stop raining all week. That and the City of Cincinnati basically decided on the day we cut those trees down that they weren’t going to pick up yard waste anymore. I wonder if there’s a bonfire in the midst? 

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