VCT Tiles

So the current state of my floors leaves a few things to be desired.

1) I like the marmoleum, I really do. It’s eco friendly and not crazy bad on the eyes. BUT the poly used over it has yellowed and where the previous owner kept a rug there’s an obvious color difference.

2)Between the hallway, the kitchen, and the bathroom the floors are all vastly different. I’m not against variety, but seeing as it’s only about 200 feet of space combined, and they all but up against each other something has to be done!

3)Changing the floor in the bathroom will make it feel less horrible, and will totally change the look.

4) I want dark, smooth, and dare I say sexy floors.

That’s were VCT comes in. I had originally wanted to do black penny tile all throughout the back of the house. Once I priced that out though I realized that wasn’t going to happen. Just for the kitchen it ended up being 900 for only the tiles. With VCT tiles I can do the entire back of the house for I’m guessing around 300. My dad will be coming up from the sunshine state to help me in the process.

VCT, or vinyl composite tiles, are the stuff of some people’s nightmares. See;

Which while stays true to the vintage aspects, is a little to kitsch for my tastes. I’m thinking of VCT more along the lines of eichler houses.

So stayed tuned, I’m shooting to put them in around mid july!

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