Sunburn and mulch

So your last look at the front yard was this:

Around fourty dollars, and five hours later it’s looking quite a deal better!


I know it’s not quite a TLC curb appeal makeover, but it’s throughly satisfying to have something besides weeds, ivy, and dead holly trees hanging about. The driveway is also completely clear of the dead holly tree from hell. 

We edged, de-ivyed, mowed, weed wacked, weed blocked, mulched, and planted! 

I will never ever plant Ivy on my own accord. This stuff is a total nightmare to remove, roots upon roots upon roots. I’ll see them years from now in my nightmares! 

Nathan and Anna Penny totally pulled all the stops and helped out all day! Between Nathan’s know how and Anna and I’s powers combined, we got so much done! And all but one of us (ahem super amazing tanning abilities, Anna) got sunburned. I got it pretty damn bad myself. 

I picked up some chairs today from too! I have officially dubbed them my don draper chairs, because yes I do believe that they’re pretty sexy. 


Things have been coming along quite nicely! 

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