ladycave part two!

So The lady cave has some ridiculously bad retro wood panelling, some serious dust, and a mass of my stuff! There are also a lot of things left by the previous owner, wood, weird crappy furniture, yada yada. Anyway I get going with some photos.

view from the backside side of the house

View from the front side of the house.

The utility side of the basement, ie laundry, storage, and the likes.

The beginnings of a dark room space!

My sewing space, as soon as I get everything unpacked. Brian already monopolizing my comfy chair, I have another one to build, in case someone wants to come hangout and sew with me. I have a feeling it’ll just be more of a bowie lurking on me chair, but whatever.

List of things to do for the lady cave, long term & short term.

•paint everything white, floors, walls, beams.

•Make light blocking curtains for the darkroom section.

•Build shelves all along wall in sewing area for storage.

•Buy Damprid to clear up some musty smells.

•Find a place for everything

Ikea trip this weekend to pick up some stuff for the guest bedroom! We’re having our first official guest next week, My sister Tori-Jane! Then followed by my dad and his girlfriend, and then my mom and stepfather. It’s going to be crazy, so I want to have the guest room up to par so it’s one less thing to worry about.

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