loft progress II

So I finally got a few things set up in the loft. I got two bedside tables at flea markets, one’s already painted white, and ones not yet. They aren’t the same, but they both have simliar feels, so it’ll be cool.

Also our “desk” is set up. Which is our old dining table, a gate leg table from ikea. So brian can type away for his blog. . Also, to temporary hold all the dvd’s that used to be our nightstands. Eventually I’ll have my laptop sitting there, so we can blog IN TANDEM. In this lighting you can see how the walls aren’t very white, way more than the previous set. I need to put a second coat in the kitchen though before I worry about anything else paint related. Somehow I’ve managed to put it off for like a month.

No outlets on the side of the room where our bed works, something we’ll have to do soon. Mega tripping hazard when you’re as clumsy as I am.

Yah, I know that pillow doesn’t match, pillowcase will be replaced soon, don’t worry! Also note the dog, on my bed, even though his bed is like two feet away.

What a cutie.

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