before and after

I’m thinking maybe a gray or yellow. Any suggestions?


Little Things

I decided I didn’t like the color I chose for the front door, or the screen door at that.



and an in progress shot after the first coat! I’m going to do the trim and surrounding parts in white, and they spray paint the hardware a deep bronze. I know it looks a little christmas right now, but it’s going to look great!

I also finally picked up a glass shade for the light. Exposed lightbulbs no more! Same with the kitchen! before


and with shades!


It’s the little things. Can’t wait to get some paint up on those cabinets!

weekend to-do

Once a month Brian gets a four day weekend, which is normally the only time we’re both not working. As much as I try not to, our weekend gets jam packed with all the stuff we’ve been putting off throughout the month. So maybe if I make a list we can get it all done and actually have some time for rest and relaxation. 

-Finish Painting the kitchen wall. I’d like to get this done, it doesn’t show up that much in pictures, but basically we’ve got on the walls is a sloppy first coat of high gloss paint. So I’ll buy one more gallon of Martha’s paint and get that done!

-Put old curtain rods from dining room upstairs, maybe spray paint for a pop of color!

-Make Curtains out of free sheer fabric from the lovely Anna! Also fix roller blinds. 

-Work on the never ending list of yard work, Mow, Mulch, Edge

– Go through clothes and make a goodwill donation!

-Buy some rubbermaid storage containers for off season bedding, maybe space bags? 

-Pick up Paint chips for cabinets and bathroom! 

-Look into waxing and buffing floors

I think it’s pretty manageable, right?