weekend to-do

Once a month Brian gets a four day weekend, which is normally the only time we’re both not working. As much as I try not to, our weekend gets jam packed with all the stuff we’ve been putting off throughout the month. So maybe if I make a list we can get it all done and actually have some time for rest and relaxation. 

-Finish Painting the kitchen wall. I’d like to get this done, it doesn’t show up that much in pictures, but basically we’ve got on the walls is a sloppy first coat of high gloss paint. So I’ll buy one more gallon of Martha’s paint and get that done!

-Put old curtain rods from dining room upstairs, maybe spray paint for a pop of color!

-Make Curtains out of free sheer fabric from the lovely Anna! Also fix roller blinds. 

-Work on the never ending list of yard work, Mow, Mulch, Edge

– Go through clothes and make a goodwill donation!

-Buy some rubbermaid storage containers for off season bedding, maybe space bags? 

-Pick up Paint chips for cabinets and bathroom! 

-Look into waxing and buffing floors

I think it’s pretty manageable, right? 

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