Change Up!

So I’ve been tearing the house apart ever since we got back from our labor day weekend trip. Let me publicly apologize to my wonderful and loving boyfriend for always “starting crazy projects”. Case in point, letting my bedroom turn into this disaster.

oh my god, what have I done?

Operation “Make the damn bed” starts henceforth.

 Also I’d like to let my small internet following, which I think consists of my friend Anna and my Mother, that I’m setting up a posting schedule!

Anyway, since I’ve been moving furniture all over the house, and moved my nightstands downstairs, I’ve made what could be the most ghetto tacky nightstands of

all time.

Get ready.

milk crate


                                          Equals This:


Totally tacky, and yet somehow I’m a little okay with it! Plus I hung the first pieces of art up over the bed. Two black and white photographs of turn of the century workers in cincinnati.

Now to get this room painted white! Ugh, painting breadboard, there might be few things I dislike more.

Many more posts this week, so check back soon!