Basement Inspiration

The lady cave has been on hold since you last saw it


 . It’s been collecting lost socks and anything I can’t throw away but are’t using at this second.

It looks like my room circa 16 year old me. Which is a really really really


a good thing (right mom?). So To get myself back on track I’ve decided to get inspired. I’m looking to have a “unfinished, usable, basement”. Seeing as they’re no way in heck that I’d be able to actually get the money together anytime soon to properly finish the basement, It’s a good middle ground. Not to mention there are things with water and draining that need to be done before I invest that kind of money. But it’d be super silly not to use it in the long run right? I think the fact that my basement has high ceilings, and practically doubles the square footage of my house sure doesn’t hurt my argument either!

Here’s some amazing unfinished basements to feast your eyes upon!



Pretty Gorgeous right? Also a far cry from this:

But I’m hoping that some serious cleaning, organization, and a bit of paint will go a long way. I’m lucky because I have a million light fixtures, outlets, and central air vents. Everything already being there is going to save me a lot in making this space usable. 

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