Meringue Skirt Plan

     For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been sewing my own clothing pretty regularly the past year. I recently picked up the “Colette Sewing Handbook”. The Meringue skirt is the first pattern in the book. The book, much in Colette Patterns fashion, is really quite beautiful. Not to mention all five of the patterns are total classics. 

     I’m planning to do the meringue skirt in a very special navy corduroy. It’s special only because it belong to my maternal grandmother, who passed away about a decade ago. So you better believe I’ll be taking my time with it. 

     I’ve already made the muslin, which I definitely had to tweak some, so that removes a lot of the room for error. That and it’s a fairly simple skirt. So I’m hoping I don’t somehow with my knack for ruining sewing projects fudge this one up. I’ll probably cut it out sometime today, work on some other top secret Christmas sewing projects, and then get unpacked from my trip to DC to see family for Thanksgiving. I’d like to have all my gift sewing done by my cookie exchange which is on the 17th. I’m pretty much the world’s greatest procrastinator though. It wouldn’t surprise me if I was slaving away over the sewing machine at 3 am Christmas eve. 

     But enough about my horrible time management. Point being I’m super excited about this skirt, and the chance to use this fabric. Also I’ll be posting some pictures of my sewing room in the house section later today! 

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