Wardrobe Challenge

I’m currently in the planning stages of a mini wardrobe challenge. My new years resolution involves trying my  hardest not to purchase any ready to wear clothing in the year 2012. So I figured I’d do a wardrobe challenge much in the style that Colette Patterns hosts twice a year. I’ve been pinning inspiration like a mad man for a few weeks, and have narrowed it down to the images that really struck me, and clothing I’ve been obsessing over. 

As far as colors go, I’m thinking lots of lemony yellows, pale corals, creams, and


accents in a light grey blue. 

As Far as my neutrals, black will always be my favorite. I’m also feeling Large florals and oversize graphic prints. The third dress looks alot like the macaroon pattern, with a little ribbon trim. I also need to make a swim suit, which terrifies me. I love the retro high waist bottoms look. I have a feeling I might get stuck drafting that one myself though. That might end up being a huge disaster, but is totally worth a shot in my opinion. 

The Final palette ended up looking like this. 

I really dig it. Bad news is that I have like no stash fabric this matches. Not buying clothing for a year is a good an excuse as any to buy more fabric though right? Check back soon for the pattern selection once I get them picked out. 

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