Mad Men Challenge On Hold :(

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So, I’ve pretty much run out of sewing time before the deadline. I’m still going to sew the dress, seeing as I already have the fabric. If I tried to get it done before the deadline though I would be rushing my sewing, and that’s where I always end up making mistakes. 

So I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself, what do you mean you’ve run out of time… You have like more than two weeks until then?! 

Oh wait…



What’s your color?

I picked up a great little vintage sewing book a few years ago when I had just started started sewing. This week was actually the first time I flipped through it. It’s from 1947 and is full of really awesome vintage sewing tips. Not to mention these great color diagrams based on hair and eye color! Wouldn’t they be fun to do as a color palette for a wardrobe challenge? You don’t really even have to stick to “your colors”! I’d fall under Brown hair and brown eyes right now since I’ve been sporting my natural locks for a bit. I’ve been black hair and brown eyes, and auburn and red though too! 

I’m hoping you all find these as interesting as I did!