DIY dropcloth rug

To be honest this is less a rug and more a floor cloth. It’s also one of my new favorite way to incorporate prints into my home. Oh and did I mention it’s cheap? Pretty much one of my favorite DIY’s of all time. For some of your time and about fourty dollars you can have an awesome new floor covering. This project could be more or less expensive depending on how much your fabric of choice costs, but since you only need around two yards I can’t see this getting too crazy.


Alene’s tacky glue spray (11$)

Home depot 6×9 drop cloth (10$)

2 yards of wide heavier weight fabric, I used ikea’s Stockholm print (18$)

Carpet gripper (already owned, but you can pick one up super cheap at Ikea, like five dollars cheap)

Sewing machine and thread

Seam gauge


Step one

If you plan on ever being able to throw your floor cloth in the washer, please prewash it as you plan on doing so in the future. This will save you from getting some funky shrinkage and ruining all your hardwork! I didn’t use any fabric softener though, because I felt like any stiffness would help keep it from curling up. 

Step two

Iron out all those wrinkles once your fabric and drop cloth are dry. I even starched mine a bit. This will help you be able to sandwich the two pieces neatly with the glue. 

Step three

Smooth out the dropcloth and start applying the tacky glue spray. I then started rolling out the fabric, right side up and sticking it to the drop cloth, slowly removing any bubbles with my hands. I ended up using the whole can, so feel free to be liberal with your spraying. It’d be a good idea to wear a mask and do this part outside. Unless glue fumes are your thing. 

Step four

Once everything is nice and glued, give it a few minutes to set, trim the drop cloth to the edge of the fabric. Flip it so the fabric side is down and start ironing over about a 1 to 1.5 seam allowance using your seam gauge. That seams kind of big, but I think it adds even more weight to the finished product. 

Step five

Once everything is ironed go ahead and hem everything up. You can pink your seam allowance if you want but I really didn’t think it was required.

Step six

Trim your carpet gripper to fit and lay that bad boy down. Stand back and admire your work.

I think I might even tack some thick felt or wool to the back of this to add some cushion, but besides that I’m very happy with it! For those of you worried about it not staying put, never fear! I did the twist and shout test, plus the crazy dog after a bath test. In my very scientific studies it moved nay once. I even vacuumed it, with my sweeper brush on, and it worked out fine.

Really theres no reason not to give this little rug a try! 

For your time, here’s the previously mentioned crazy dog photobombing my rug shots.

Inspired by this



Winner of the giveaway!

Chosen at random is ….

Christine @ Black Oak Vintage! Someone from Shop Bop will be contacting you shortly! For those of you who didn’t win, don’t worry, I’ve got plenty more giveaways planned! 

DIY Clothing Label Tutorial


  • Iron on transfer printer paper
  • Computer & Printer
  • Scissor 
  • Iron
  • Sewing Machine
  • Twill Tape
  • Photoshop or Other Image editing Software. 

Step One

1.Open up Photoshop, or a similar program. Select the dimensions of Letter Paper or 8.5×11 inches. Depending on your twill tape size your going to want to size your font accordingly. I used 1.5 inch twill tape. Leave enough room so it’s easy to sew around. Try to fit as many labels per sheet you can.

Step Two

2. In photoshop go to the Image tab in the file bar.

Image>>Rotate Image>> Flip Horiztonal  

That will reverse your image. This is basically the most important step! If the labels do not print out as a mirror image they will read backwards when applied! Before you print I recommend doing a test sheet just take make sure everything is a-okay!

Step Three

3. I found it easiest to use my junk rotary cutter* and a ruler to cut all the transfer out. Cut them small enough to fit on your twill tape!

*Please don’t use rotary cutters or scissors that are for fabric! You’ll kill your blades! I have a special rotary cutter that I cut anything besides fabric with! 

Step Four

4. Cut your twill tape in lengths about and inch longer than you need! Center the transfer on the twill tape and iron those suckers down! Follow the instructions provided with your iron on transfers. Peel off and marvel at how awesome you are! 

Step Five

5. I fold the ends over about a half inch towards the back, using a pressing cloth I iron them. Pin into your garment and sew around the edge! These can also be sewn on lining if you don’t want the stitching to show on the back of the garment. Most of the time it’s really not noticeable anyway! I make a few at a time and pin them to my IRL pinboard. It keeps the ends tucked under so I can just grab one when I’m ready! 

*For those of you worried about these tag standing up to washing; I took the dress with me on vacation, it was worn through theme parks, in the ocean, and multiple washings and dryings. It still looks great! 

Shopping Within Your Pallette : 100$ ShopBop Giveaway

This giveaway is closed, the winner will be posted this week!

I’m in the midst of a sewing frenzy working on the my spring pallet challenge. I got to thinking last night about how I didn’t really have anything in my wardrobe or accessory wise that would really mesh with my plans. Does anyone else want to shop within their palette this year? Here’s some stuff I pulled from our Friends over at


! I’m really digging orange and navy this season. 


Belle by Sigerson Morrison


Theyskens’ Theory


Rachel Pally

I for one know sewing a whole mini wardrobe isn’t cheap! So when Shopbop offered to host a little giveaway here I thought that would be a good way for a lucky someone to supplement their very own DIY wardrobe. Or if you read this blog and don’t sew, just a to have a “treat yo self” moment! 

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Contest Closes Friday the 18th of may at 8:00 pm EST

**I was not compensated in any way by shopbop besides being able to offer this giveaway. 

The Bathroom Plan

We have one weird wonky bathroom in our little house. While I’m in no way against a 1 bathroom home, I have a personal vendetta against ours. The previous owner, as my Realtor would say,” bon von jovi’d ” it. It’s was redone in the 1980’s, and redone poorly at that. It’s got this horrible honey colored laminate. When they installed the toilet they put it on a painted marble slab. The sink is huge and wide, and you have to shimmy to get around it. There are weird bars and shelves everywhere. The tub stops short of the wall, so they built a pony wall, THAT CUTS OF THE WINDOW. Hadn’t they ever heard of a curved shower curtain? I’m sure before it had a beautiful claw foot tub, which makes this a million times worse. Oh yeah, and they never even finished the walls out behind the pony wall. I just… I can’t. Also, one of the last rooms that still rocks a shade of flesh tone paint, ew. 

So Let’s get our plan together shall we? 

Click to Enlarge, Go to the

Pinterest Board

for sources! 

For those of you wondering about my time frame, like anything to do with my house, this is going to forever I’m sure. It’s not easy when you have only a little expendable income at at time. Plus the idea of putting in a new sink seems so over my head. Maybe I can get my dad to help me when he comes up from Florida this fall? I can at very least paint though! I’m cheating a bit when it comes to the paint selection, it’s a can I already own. Seeing as the Boyfriend has the entire weekend off, we might actually get something done!

In the meantime I will have sweet dreams on sledgehammering that pony wall.