DIY Clothing Label Tutorial

Supplies Iron on transfer printer paper Computer & Printer Scissor  Iron Sewing Machine Twill Tape Photoshop or Other Image editing Software.  Step One 1.Open up Photoshop, or a similar program. Select the dimensions of Letter Paper or 8.5×11 inches. Depending on your twill tape size your going to want to size your font accordingly. IContinue reading “DIY Clothing Label Tutorial”

Shopping Within Your Pallette : 100$ ShopBop Giveaway

This giveaway is closed, the winner will be posted this week! I’m in the midst of a sewing frenzy working on the my spring pallet challenge. I got to thinking last night about how I didn’t really have anything in my wardrobe or accessory wise that would really mesh with my plans. Does anyone else want toContinue reading “Shopping Within Your Pallette : 100$ ShopBop Giveaway”