Hazel complete!

This was a pretty awesomely simple sew! There’s no zippers or others closures, it’s an over the head kind of affair. The shape is simple a fairly loose. I was afraid it would swallow me up, and look too mumu-ish. I don’t think that’s the case though. It’s really super comfy as well, which makes it great for my desk job.

I made it with a buffalo check, its a similar weight to the navy linen I used. Yeah, some people hate linen because it wrinkles like a mofo, but to be honest I love the crinkly lived it look it gives the dress. It also lends some structure to the dress, which I think it needs because its a fairly simple silhouette.

The instructions were really clear and easy to understand. I did veer of course a bit though. I omitted the skirt lining, and the interfacing since my fabric was already heavier. If I were to make it again, I think I would size down a bit, I should have paid closer attention to the finished garment measurements to get a better of idea of the fit.

This is the first thing I’ve made from victory patterns and I’m definitely impressed. 

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