Handmade Notebook

I go through notebooks more than any other adult I know. I am a total obsessive pen and paper writer. I’ll admit it, I buy really hisptery notebooks too. Which for the materials they are made of, are grossly overpriced. So I decided to give it a shot using only things I had in my house. 

Get some cardboard and some computer paper. I used the lid of the paper box. You could buy some new cardboard, but I could see a cereal box working very well. Make sure it’s nothing too thick. 

Fold the amount of paper you want in your notebook. I think mine used about 25 full sheets of paper, making 50 pages, 100 if you’re counting both sides. Fold your paper in half  evenly, using a bone folder or you nails to really get a nice clean crease.  Stack papers with fold open on top of each other. 

Cut and score your cardboard to fit your pages. 

Using paper clips get everything centered. Stitch down the middle using a longer straight stitch on your machine. GO SLOW GUYS. You don’t want to break a needle. 

Admire your wiggly stitch line. 

Ta-da! a basically free notebook. If you’re like me though you can’t leave something simple well enough alone. So I did a bit of decorative stitching down the front.

9 thoughts on “Handmade Notebook

  1. I tried it, but the edges of the paper were uneven and I don't have one of those big cutters like they have in schools. Any suggestions?

  2. This works best with smaller amounts of paper. Anything thicker than the original moleskines will distort a bit. I thinks there's a lot of charm in the little imperfections of handmade things. It would look really awesome if the pages were even hand torn. If it bothers you a lot though craft stores sells larger paper cutters for not crazy amounts of money, especially if you have a coupon(michaels)

  3. Hey I know this is old but do you think it matters what kind of sewing machine you have or what needle? Thanks! Great job!

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