Office Wardrobe Capsule

Office Wardrobe Capsule

I love clothing. I always have. It’s lead to some unfortunate mass hoarding of my wardrobe though. I’ve been very consumed recently with the idea of purging a good majority of it. I’d like to get a plan going for my though, and fill it with classic 


 which can be remixed year after year.  I need to get down to the staples and basics of my wardrobe. 

 I recently bought the jersey pencil skirt pictured above, which fits me really really well, and is super comfortable. I had to stop myself from buying more than one. After all, I’m sure I can sew a simple jersey skirt based off of this one, and sew up three for the price I payed. But that’s a whole other post. 

The skirt is so simple, you can pair it with anything, dressing up or down. For this capsule I tried to keep everything very ladylike and classic. Bows, hearts, pearls, are a big feature. Keeping basics in 


 and white, I’m able to go for pops of color in the blouses, to keep the wardrobe fun, yet professional. 

I’ll be taking boxes of clothing to consignment this weekend and see what I can get for things I don’t wear anyways.

Do you have a well built wardrobe? Any tips? 

Also how did you weekends go? 

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