The Space Between

There are certain times in the year where I start getting really lazy. The lull between summer and fall is one of those times for me.

I have a mild case of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

 I love fall, but as soon as I have to start getting up in the dark I start losing my motivation to get anything done. Hence my skipping some blog posts recently, which I apologize for.

That aside though, I’m still going to be very busy these coming weeks! 

Next weekend I have a living history rendezvous with my Dad. It’s basically pre-1840’s camping. Yes, I’m that kind of nerd. I have a lot of sewing I need to get done before then. Luckily it’s all pretty simple and I’m hoping to get it done all on Saturday.  So far the list includes; A shirt for my father, a chemise (super easy), Bloomers, a gathered skirt, vest, and bonnet. Don’t worry, I’ll post pictures no matter how ridiculous I look! 

Starting next week I’ll be announcing a Sew-Along! Keep your eyes peeled! 

I’m hopefully correcting my whole polyeurathane tragedy that happened on the bedroom floors.They have only gotten more yellow. Curse you Oil based Poly! I’v been sanding them down, and hopefully can put the last coat of paint on those bad boys. I’m ready to move on! I have so many DIY projects for that room, but really want to get these floors finished. 

 I’m also trying to write a better FAQ. So please feel free to leave some questions for me in the comments of this post! I’m pretty open to answering most anything! 

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