The Mornings Are Darker

I’ve just about rebounded from my cold! Unfortunately I didn’t get much rest while actually being sick. I’m that person in my office no matter how much I’m hacking. To be quite fair though, there’s normally no more than a few people on my entire floor. I can get away with being sick at work and not spreading it around. 

I had some time this morning to myself. I got up early only to have our one bathroom already occupied. So I took out the camera, took a few snaps, and though I would share. 

I think I’d like to take this blog on a more personal route than it’s been heading. Lifestyle blogs have always interested me more so than most, but I don’t know if I really have a lifestyle on which others would want to read? 

That aside I feel like as long as what I’m blogging about is true to myself I can’t go too wrong. I’m going to try and keep posting four to five times a week, but it just might not be what you’re used to seeing. 

Somethings are changing around these parts.

I felt best in writing about personal experience and sharing parts of my life. (See these posts






I’m also going to be focusing more on my photography in the coming months. The photography blog is it’s own creature entirely.

Check it out here.

I’d love more posts on my own city as well. Since moving to Cincinnati it’s really grown a special place in my heart. It’s really been moving forward into the right direction lately. I want to just shout from the rooftops and get the word out. 

Finally I’d just like to keep up on my everyday life here. Most of my friends and family live a good eight hours away or more. It’s nice to think that some of them will be reading and able to keep up on what I’m doing. Plus I always love reading blogs that are closer to journals. 

Some things will be leaving this blog.

Unless it’s pertinent to something I’m planning in my life, Mood boards will no longer be a weekly feature. 

I’m also going to nix sponsorship for awhile, maybe forever. So far it’s been nice seeing other people interested in this blog, but overall more hassle than it’s worth in the long run. This will also give me more freedom to blog about what I want, whenever I want to! 

But don’t think that I won’t be posting about my sewing and home improvements! I’m teetering on obsession in both those categories, and have a big organizing session planned for this weekend. These topics will more than likely always be a big part of this blog.

So now that I’ve gotten everything out there, and if you actually are reading, I’d love to know what everyone thinks! Did I just lose my readership? 

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