Happy Halloween!

My brother and I with our Mom-made costumes around 1994/1995? Happy Halloween!  Sorry for the lack of chatter around here this week. Between worrying for my family in regards Super Storm Sandy, and my inevitable motivation decline (S.A.D.), It’s been a weird week.  Sending all my good vibes to those affected by the storm! 

A Totally Necessary Amount of New Lipstick

Source “I said pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.”   -Marilyn Monroe  There’s just something about lipstick that makes everything a little more pleasant.  When I’ve had a shit day, I go home, do my hair, put on some lipstick, and just bask in my own awesomeness. Well sometimes IContinue reading “A Totally Necessary Amount of New Lipstick”

Sewing 101 : Envelope Pillow Tutorial

Basic Envelope Pillow Supplies -Fabric -Seam Gauge -Sewing Machine -Pillow Form -Measuring tape/Ruler -Scissors -Iron/Ironing Board -Thread -Pins I know a lot of my friends in real life are amazed when I sew things that I consider very simple. I thought I’d start sharing some easy sewing projects for those of you who are justContinue reading “Sewing 101 : Envelope Pillow Tutorial”