Ikea Hack A Tall Hyllis Unit

I have a problem about not using my vertical space. I live in a small home and should really be taking advantage of it. I’m in the middle of my mini living room makeover for fall. I got the sofa situation sorted out (read about that here), and now I’m working on the other parts of the room. 
This is the view from our new comfy couch. 
Look at that stout little shelf. It’s at the same height as the TV. It gives us this huge dead space on that wall, and makes the room feel shorter. Raising the TV higher is a no go, my boyfriend is a major cinema-file and has last say on everything that is related to his viewing experience. So I turned to the shelf. It’s the Ikea Hyllis   shelf. It’s simple and cheap, coming in at just fifteen dollars. I use them a lot in my basement, and needed something to hold a few vinyls and my ever growing magazine collection. I just grabbed one I already owned from the basement and have been using it there for the past few months. 
I wanted a taller shelf though, but new more new furniture isn’t really in my budget at the moment. Time to get a little bit crafty. I thought I could probably double up the shelving and create a taller unit. Buying another hyllis would only set me back 15 bucks, and if it didn’t work I could just use it in the basement for storage. 
So I set to work. 
I assembled the second shelf as the instructions said. The I removed on shelf from each unit. 
One one the top, and on one the bottom. You won’t need these shelves, so set them aside. 
You will also need to remove the screws from the shelves where the support pieces need to overlap. 
Stack them on top of one another and match the holes as best you can. I had a small issue with the hole not being perfectly round when I matched everything up. It wasn’t a big deal, using a drill/screw gun to screw in the screws made it easy. 
It only took a few minutes really, and I think makes a big difference. 
In fact, a wall of these double tall hyllis might look very cool as a library. 
Now I just need to figure out what to do above the tv, maybe some art? 
Any Ideas?  

PS Sorry for the crappy iphone photos, they were kind of an after thought. 

2 thoughts on “Ikea Hack A Tall Hyllis Unit

  1. i literally never even considered using my vertical space– brilliant, especially for a girl living in a small house with two boys. thanks for the project idea!

  2. Nice!

    I was thinking about whether stacking these Hyliss was possible, but haven’t bought one yet. How does the "join" look? And how is the stability? Thanks in advance.

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