Fall Palette Challenge

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It’s that time of year where I start my seasonal sewing plan. Unlike in spring, where I completed say only three projects, I’d like to get a lot more sewing done this winter. Seeing as it’s already like 40 degrees outside I have a feeling this winter is going to be a bad one. Nothing gets me more sewing productive than being stuck in the house. 

I haven’t purchased any fabric for this yet, and it doesn’t really match anything in my stash, which means I’ll need to buy as I go. I’m not super stoked about that, but my stash right now is kind of all over the place. Nothing coherent is coming from that mess. I have some patterns in mind though I’d like to take a crack at, all of which I already own. 

Simplcitiy 1427 from 1955, I have a really well maintained copy in my size. I’ve never sewn from a true vintage pattern before, and it makes me a bit nervous. I expect there to be tons of fitting issues, but I could use some fitting practice. The full skirt and bow are staying well within my theme. 

Victory Patterns Nicola. This is such a beautiful dress. Really timeless. It seems pretty easy to put together as well, which is a plus. 

Simplicity 1776. I love the clean lines of view A with the three quarter length sleeves. I’ve never used a PR pattern before, I’m interested in what makes them unique. 

Ah the trusty, and free, sorbetto pattern. I plan on drafting some sleeves and a peter-pan collar to mimic the striped shirt in my mood board. 

I have a ton more patterns in mind as well. I’m in the process of organizing and documenting my pattern stash. It’ll be easier to figure out what I want to sew once I know what I have. I also want to dip my toe into actual pattern drafting this winter. I need to make myself a good sloper. If that’s something anyone is interested in, I could blog the process. 

Do you have any sewing plans this winter? 

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