The Bedroom

This is what the bedroom looked like when we first were shown our house. It was in really rough shape. I hated it mostly for the huge AC unit (that doesn’t make sense because we have central air) is permanent unless we get someone to come out and patch the siding and huge interior hole it would leave. It kind of became our junk room, while we slept upstairs in the “finished” attic. 

Which is kind of embarrassing really, but isn’t that what most spare rooms end up being? Warehouses for things you don’t need or have any use for? 

So this past month I decided something needed to be done, and painted the wood floors white. I decided to be extra awesome and protect them with a poly coat. 

BIG MISTAKE. They turned pee yellow.

So at this point, I was back to square one. I had to resand everything, buy the correct kind of paint (valspars no VOC floor and porch paint) and redo everything.  So something that should have been accomplished in a weekend actually took a month. 

Finally the floors were white and wonderful though! 

I patched all the weird spots in my hundred year old plaster walls and was ready for paint. 

I chose Valspar’s Belle Grove Aloe Green.

The overly helpful lowes paint guy drew a heart on the can and gave me some good advice. With older walls like mine, which are far from perfect, you should use a flat paint with a 1/2 nap roller. Not only will the roller carry more paint, but it way lay it thicker with more texture to cover imperfections. The flat paint also helps hide anything. Once you’ve painted the whole room you then go over everything lighting “feathering” it. It made a huge difference and looks awesome. 

So over the weekend I cut in, and started painting. 

I just got everything moved in and set up. I am SO PLEASED.  There’s still a fair amount of work that needs to be done, but this feels like the most completed room in the house so far. 

Bedroom redo

My DIY drop cloth curtains, that need to be hemmed. They also cover the gross AC unit until we can get it fixed. A framed seed sack, in the largest Ribba frame (My Favorite!) available at ikea! The window is a straight view into my neighbor’s less than picturesque backyard and side deck. I’m thinking about just frosting the windows instead of always keeping the curtain shut. Good idea or bad idea? 

Bedroom redo

The lamps are a total target score, they were ten dollars a piece, more than half off. I love a good lighting deal. 

Bedroom redo

My DIY Vanity, using jetmax cubes from Michael’s, A mirror left in the basement by a previous owner of my home,and a project board from Lowes.  The chair is the urban chair from Ikea, and the mirror is also from ikea, as is the bed spread.  The glove mold is an antique mall find, named “The Handlander”, don’t ask. The green lamp is target, and I’m not sure if it’s staying there. I need something a bit more practical for makeup lighting. As far as the desktop of the vanity, should I paint it, stain it, or seal it? I kind of like the look of the raw wood. 

Bedroom redo

I’m at a bit of a loss what to do above the bed though, maybe a few bookshelves? I also plan on making new


slipcovers for my Solsta ottomans, Ikea of course, that serve as nightstand. I’m thinking either bright white, or maybe a fun pattern. After all it’s just a slipcover and I can change them at whim. I do wish our headboard was a bit more “regal” looking. Something tall and tufted. I might DIY and see what I can come up with, as a new bed frame isn’t in the budget currently. 

I also need to tackle the closet from hell that’s in this room. It’s huge, but poorly organized, which sucks. 

8 thoughts on “The Bedroom

  1. I really love it. The color is perfect. Are you now using this as your master, or still using the attic? I would just seal your vanity top. I think if you painted it white, it would be more cohesive and finished, but I like the raw wood, too. It's warmer. Definitely seal it before you grind eyeshadow and blush and liquid liner into it, though.

  2. hah yeah I have a placemat there right now to protect it! I'll probably leave it as is for the rest of the month, but I'm leaning towards white.

  3. were using this now as the main bedroom. Were waffling currently on the upstairs. We don't really need it currently, so I'm just trying to keep it clean and mostly empty.

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