Paleo Buns

I honestly don’t miss bread. Don’t tell my family though, I’m pretty sure it’s a sin if you’re Italian. Sometimes you just want a burger that’s not wrapped in lettuce. I played around with a few recipes until I found something that was pretty awesome and delicious. Fair warning, I don’t know if I would consider these “healthier” than the regular wheat bun. They’re pretty high in fat (but that’s pretty whatever when you’re not eating any carbs), but they are an awesome Grain Free option. I also somehow picked up the nickname Paleo Buns in the process of making these, thanks brian. 

You’ll Need


16 ounce Ramekin 


-Baking Sheet

-Cooling Rack

-2 heaping Tbs. Bacon Fat, melted (saved from the mass amounts of bacon you make during the week)

– 4 Eggs

-4 Tbs. Coconut Flour

-A few dashes of salt

-2 tsp. fresh spices

(I used this) 



-Set oven to 350

-Mix all ingredients together until completely combined

-Grease ramekin and put half of batter in. Should fill ramekin about halfway to leave room to expand.  If you’re using smaller ramekins, just fill halfway. 

-Microwave for three minutes on full power (this might be different for your microwave).

-Flip out onto cooling rack. You might have to run a knife around the sides to get it to release. 

-Repeat for remaining batter.

-Once all the buns are nuked, using a serrated bread knife, cut the buns in half. It’s easiest to go slow and have your hand placed on top of the bun to steady everything. Return them to the cooling rack. 

-Put the cooling rack on your baking sheet and baked the cut buns for about 10-15 minutes until they’re just toasted. 

-Take the buns out of the oven and let cool completely. 

Makes 2 Buns using the 16 ounce ramekins

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