How I Store My Vintage Patterns

I know I’ve mentioned my sewing pattern hoard collection before. I own a lot. Probably too many. I’d say my collection is about half vintage, and half modern. I just had them stuffed in a box haphazardly for a long time, which made it hard to find anything. Also it wasn’t doing any favors forContinue reading “How I Store My Vintage Patterns”

Paleo Strawberry Pankcakes

If you’ve been on pinterest before, I’m sure you’ve seen the two egg and one banana pancake recipe. It’s intriguing to me because one, all the ingredients are Paleo, and two, it seems super easy.  Here’s my variation, which involves a bit more than the two original ingredients.  You’ll need 2 Bananas 4 eggs 1 tablespoon vanilla 1 teaspoonContinue reading “Paleo Strawberry Pankcakes”

Week In Review

I know, I’ve been a lazy blogger this week. But to be fair I was on vacation for most of it. Expect an obnoxiously long photo post as soon as I’m able to get those bad boys uploaded and edited.  This week was wonderful/horrible.  Wonderful:  Vacation Finding Perfect Vintage Earring Cases Being able to takeContinue reading “Week In Review”

Deep Plum Lipstick Throw-down

I love makeup. It’s not something I talk about a whole lot on the blog. But since this is my very own space to discuss what I please, how about we talk amongst ourselves?  I’m a drugstore makeup queen. I love trying new colors and new brands. I’m let down about as many times as I find a productContinue reading “Deep Plum Lipstick Throw-down”