San Francisco Trip Packing

So I’ve got a little weekend trip to San Francisco this weekend. I get kind of obsessive about packing. I try to only pack in my carry on, and still have room for a few souvenirs. I’ll only be gone for four days, but I like having options. So I try and pack things I can mix and match, a capsule wardrobe if you will.

Bring major pieces in neutrals. Something that can be worn easily with other colors and prints. Jersey is your best friend. It rolls tightly, is easy to wear, and is pretty wrinkle proof. I love the jersey knit pencil skirts Old Navy is currently Carrying. I’m packing one in black, and one in a black and white stripe. 

Skip the jeans, bring the jeggings. They’re ten times more comfortable, and take up way less space when you pack.

A jersey black dress (any neutral will do).

A pair of good quality black tights, the kind with an extra high waist won’t roll down and will be comfortable all day.

A brightly colored sweater for a pop of color.

One neutral colored and one brightly colored (contrasting or complimenting the sweater). I wear them mostly as scarves  but it’s nice to be able to throw something over your shoulders if you get cold. Also they can make a good beach cover up if weather permits swimming (or if your hotel has an indoor pool!). Mostly I like them to jazz up what can be a really basic outfit.

A cardigan (for chilly mornings and nights).

Always remember your sunglasses (and prescription if your visually impaired like I am). 

Two pairs of shoes, one comfy pair of flats that slip on and off easily (for air-port screenings) and one pair of nice shoes for going out and looking hot. These can either be flats or heels. If you bring a heeled shoe though, make sure it’s comfortable. I love my ankle booties. The thick heels make them easy to walk in! I will pick up a few gel inserts though before I leave, nothing ruins vacation more than blisters or sore feet.

Two pair of earrings. I always bring my pearls, and a cheap pair. The gold rose earrings are from forever 21, and I’m not afraid to lose them. I’ll wear these on tours and walking around the city. While I’ll save the pearls for a nice dinner or another special occasion on the trip.

Here are just a few examples of what you can pull together with my16 items. 


I save space by rolling things together. Like I would roll my skirts into one roll. Laying them together on top of one another and rolling them like a sleeping bag. Things don’t wrinkle as much this way either!

Whats your go to packing list? Anything in San Francisco I shouldn’t miss?

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