Minor Change In The Kitchen

Just got back from my San Francisco trip! I’m a little sun burnt, a little swollen, and a lot jet lagged. 

But hey, gotta keep on keeping on, am I right? 

I got a kitchen cart that makes much more spacial sense than the gate leg table I had next to the fridge before.

See how far it sticks out in comparison to our fridge? That led to a lot of door banging and bruised hips. It did the job though, and was something I already owned. So being a bit impractical for that space was made up for by the fact it was “free”. But since I had a bit of extra cash with my tax return that came in, I brought something that made much more sense. 

I love it, a lot. It’s the 


 kitchen cart from none other than IKEA. It was kind of a pain in the butt to put together, but I really like the look

 of it.

 Since it’s against the wall instead of serving as an island, I might put some drawer stops on the back. Besides that though it’s perfect. I can finally get my cook books out of the 


 too! I often forget I have them when they’re sight unseen. 

PS: I still love the new tiny fridge! I haven’t had any issues with food fitting or the fridge being too small. It’s just laid out really perfectly. I cannot 


 it enough! 

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