IPhone Photos/Life Recently

We’ve been kind of hunkered down recently. Were also trying to save money for upcoming trips this summer, so that’s really limited the “fun money” around these parts. We definitely had a treat yo’ self moment last night! I splurged a bit on some Frightened Rabbits tickets (The Twilight Sad opened for them, and they happen toContinue reading “IPhone Photos/Life Recently”

Fabric For Laurel. An alternative title, I’m a messy drinker.

So I’ve started working on Laurel. I’m making the shirt version first. That way I can check the fit before I invest any substantial yardage in this project. A wearable muslin if you will! There were two yards of a fabric that I didn’t mind sacrificing to the sewing gods if the pattern didn’t turnContinue reading “Fabric For Laurel. An alternative title, I’m a messy drinker.”

On The Sewing Table : Laurel

If you’re not obsessed with the independent sewing pattern designers, Colette Patterns, you should be. They produce classic patterns, in beautiful packing. They just recently introduced their newest pattern, Laurel. It’s a shift dress with just about a million variations. In fact they put together a beautiful free eBook on the many ways you can adapt this pattern toContinue reading “On The Sewing Table : Laurel”