Megan Draper Dress Done!

I didn’t stick exactly to the original dress, but I think you can definitely see my inspiration. It did end up a tad on the short side though, but nothing leggings can’t fix right? 

I only just realize that my “messy work around the house bun” could be a pretty spot on 60’s style.

I tried the buttons down the side like on the original dress, but they just looked so much butter in the middle. I used a cream and dark green linen I got from Joann’s, which sewed up really lovely. The trim is store brought bias tape, and the sash is made out of matching quilt binding. I omitted the zipper in the back, and can just pull this dress over my head. I tired using much thicker bias tape originally, but it ended up gathering the fabric all weird. 

I think if I make a laurel dress again, I’ll probably lengthen it by five inches. This is something your really can’t bend over in, HA! 

I’m pretty stoked I actually finished my mad men dress this year. Should I wear it as I watch the season six opener next weekend?


WIP Megan Draper Dress

So I picked up some really nice linen from Joanns, and was hoping to find some orange bias tape as well. Unfortunately the orange they had was very neon, so I decided to do a deep pink instead. As far as assembly goes, I got this far last night before I got way to tired to have my eyes focus on stitching.

I omitted the zipper, because I can just pull this dress over my head, so it’s kind of not needed. Plus anytime I don’t have to sew a zipper is a good day in my book. I still had some weird gaping on the back neckline though, which I solved by taking a tapered piece out of the back seam. I hope to finish it by tonight. All I have left to do is attach the bias binding and hem. 

Mad Men Dress Challenge

So while I wasn’t sure if I was actually going to enter Julia Bobbins Mad Men Dress Challenge, seeing as I never completed it last year. But I seem to be on quite a roll with Colette’s Laurel pattern. I have it fitting pretty well at this point. It just so happens that it’s the perfect pattern for MANY of Megan Draper’s Dresses. The one I plan on copying is this one, featured in the season five premiere of the show. 

I plan on leaving the sleeves off of the dress version of the pattern, and binding with orange bias tape. You can kind of see a hint of the lining/blinding on the side view in the circled image above. I am a bit worries about the orange strips and collar though.  Maybe I can use some extra wide bias tape for both? I’m going to head to Joann’s and see what I can find fabric wise. If I can get a good deal on some linen I’d love to use that.  

IPhone Photos/Life Recently

We’ve been kind of hunkered down recently. Were also trying to save money for upcoming trips this summer, so that’s really limited the “fun money” around these parts. We definitely had a treat yo’ self moment last night! I splurged a bit on some Frightened Rabbits tickets (The Twilight Sad opened for them, and they happen to be another favorite of mine.), and some cheap but delicious Thai food. It was well needed. The show was great, even if they try and charge you SIX DOLLARS for a Miller Light at the venue we saw them at. But all in all both bands were great!

I was working on a failed Laurel attempt (for some reason the fabric refused to fit right, so I scrapped it) when I noticed how horrible my hand sewing is. It’s really uneven and I have some tension issues. I might start practicing when were watching movies or something at home. Any tips? 

Normally I don’t sew in the dining room, but the weather’s just been do miserable I can’t bring myself to sit in the basement. Obviously the dining room has much better light. It’s not too bad I suppose. It does make me want to throw in a few windows in the basement though.

I think Bowie is getting pretty sick of a snowy spring too, he can’t stay outside for his normal patrol time, so he’s taking up residence on the couch, pretty much wrecking the shape of the back cushions because he treats them like his own personal body pillow. He fell asleep mid lurk, which was pretty cute. 

How have all my readers been doing? I’ve gotten quite a few new followers on Blog Lovin’, maybe introduce yourself? 

Laurel V. 2

So I did the full bust adjustment on the Laurel pattern, actually the first full bust adjustment I’ve ever done. It most definitely fits better, but I think I might need to add just the tiniest bit more space on the back pieces as well. I had to let out the arm seams a bit so there’s wasn’t any pulling up front. I’m determined to get this pattern fitting perfectly though, so don’t be surprised if I make another one tomorrow, ha. 

See the pulling on the back still? If there was like half an inch more space, it would be perfect! Oh yeah, and I’m gonna move that dart down so it’s sitting in the right spot. 

Laurel Muslin

I completed the laurel wearable muslin tonight. It’s definitely wearable, but the fit is just a smidgen off. I think, as always, the main issue is my shoulder area. I need to add a bit of width to the main pattern pieces to accommodate their broadness, which is causing the tugging and vertical lines along the top of the bodice.

I really like the sleeve length and back darts of this pattern. I was worried it wouldn’t be very flattering on someone whose got a few more curves than the pattern model. Fortunately I think it’s still pretty flattering even with the few fit issues I have.

Before I even cut any fabric I added about three, maybe four, inches to the length of the top. The bodice block of this is similar to the sorbetto which is notoriously short. It might just be me though, my body shape is pretty much a long cat.

I plan on making another version of this top as soon as I fiddle around with the pattern a bit. It really could be a great wardrobe builder for me.

Oh and check out that baby hem I mastered in the last picture! It so small it brings tears of joy to my eyes!

Fabric For Laurel. An alternative title, I’m a messy drinker.

So I’ve started working on Laurel. I’m making the shirt version first. That way I can check the fit before I invest any substantial yardage in this project. A wearable muslin if you will! There were two yards of a fabric that I didn’t mind sacrificing to the sewing gods if the pattern didn’t turn out so well. I’ve had this yellow flocked Swiss dot fabric for years now. It’s the leftovers from a total failed attempt at sewing a dress when I first started. I still liked it, but I’m notoriously bad with staining white shirts. So I gave it a dye bath.

I used the Rit Liquid Dye in “Wine” and just followed the instructions to dye the fabric in my washing machine. It was very easy.

What I was left with is the fabric below, which is something far more wearable than before for me. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I picked the color wine either. Maybe I should invest in one of these amazing inventions to protect me from spills? 

 Keeping it real, dog hair and all. 

Keeping it real, dog hair and all. 

This pattern is finished off with Bias Tape. Since I didn’t have any store bought on hand, I used some scraps from the lining of the last dress I made to make some. You can see my homemade bias tape at the bottom of the photo above. I have a really good tutorial here for those of you who want to make your own bias tape. It’s super easy, and give you a practical way to use your scraps. I like this fabric a whole lot more now! I’m really hoping this pattern turns out alright so I can wear it a lot, I’m in dire need of separates in my wardrobe.