Laurel Muslin

I completed the laurel wearable muslin tonight. It’s definitely wearable, but the fit is just a smidgen off. I think, as always, the main issue is my shoulder area. I need to add a bit of width to the main pattern pieces to accommodate their broadness, which is causing the tugging and vertical lines along the top of the bodice.

I really like the sleeve length and back darts of this pattern. I was worried it wouldn’t be very flattering on someone whose got a few more curves than the pattern model. Fortunately I think it’s still pretty flattering even with the few fit issues I have.

Before I even cut any fabric I added about three, maybe four, inches to the length of the top. The bodice block of this is similar to the sorbetto which is notoriously short. It might just be me though, my body shape is pretty much a long cat.

I plan on making another version of this top as soon as I fiddle around with the pattern a bit. It really could be a great wardrobe builder for me.

Oh and check out that baby hem I mastered in the last picture! It so small it brings tears of joy to my eyes!

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