IPhone Photos/Life Recently

We’ve been kind of hunkered down recently. Were also trying to save money for upcoming trips this summer, so that’s really limited the “fun money” around these parts. We definitely had a treat yo’ self moment last night! I splurged a bit on some Frightened Rabbits tickets (The Twilight Sad opened for them, and they happen to be another favorite of mine.), and some cheap but delicious Thai food. It was well needed. The show was great, even if they try and charge you SIX DOLLARS for a Miller Light at the venue we saw them at. But all in all both bands were great!

I was working on a failed Laurel attempt (for some reason the fabric refused to fit right, so I scrapped it) when I noticed how horrible my hand sewing is. It’s really uneven and I have some tension issues. I might start practicing when were watching movies or something at home. Any tips? 

Normally I don’t sew in the dining room, but the weather’s just been do miserable I can’t bring myself to sit in the basement. Obviously the dining room has much better light. It’s not too bad I suppose. It does make me want to throw in a few windows in the basement though.

I think Bowie is getting pretty sick of a snowy spring too, he can’t stay outside for his normal patrol time, so he’s taking up residence on the couch, pretty much wrecking the shape of the back cushions because he treats them like his own personal body pillow. He fell asleep mid lurk, which was pretty cute. 

How have all my readers been doing? I’ve gotten quite a few new followers on Blog Lovin’, maybe introduce yourself? 

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