WNW Going In The Wild Review

Disclosure: All makeup products bought with my own money. No one/company will ever influence any review I give. 😀 Wet N Wild, as you all know, is one of my favorite cheap makeup brands. They’re 8 pan color icon palettes are always amazing. Super pigmented, and under five dollars. You really can’t go wrong. IContinue reading “WNW Going In The Wild Review”

Nothing Caught On Fire So I Did This Right?

So we didn’t get a crazy amount of snow this week, about five inches. Still enough to put everyone in a funk. Spring feels very overdue right now. I did mange to get some of my lesser fun house things done though. Like switching out a pretty heinous ceiling fan, for something a bit more simple. ThisContinue reading “Nothing Caught On Fire So I Did This Right?”

On The Sewing Table : M6560

So, I still sew, I just haven’t recently. So when better to decide to sew a very springy dress than we were in the middle of the biggest snow storm of the year? Obviously there’s some serious wishful thinking happening on my part. Anywho, I’ll be sewing McCalls’ 6560, and here she is.   I’mContinue reading “On The Sewing Table : M6560”

The Perfect Pretend House

Wes Anderson always has the best interiors in cinema. They’re beautiful, story book like, even if everything feels a bit “off”. One of my favorites has always been the Tenenbaum house. My favorite room in all of 111 Archer Avenue has to be the pink 4th floor ballroom. It’s perfect. I can’t help but loveContinue reading “The Perfect Pretend House”