iPPF : What I Ate In SF

Part two of my iphone photos for San Francisco. What I ate edition! 

First Stop In & Out, mostly because it was right next to our hotel. There was some creepy dude trying to “spook” you for a dollar. No thanks, man. I got my Cheeseburger animal style, which was delicious.

We went to Chile Pies to grab some to go pie to eat at the park. They even had a super tasty Gluten Free Banana cream pie!

Plant (The Organic Cafe) was amazing! They had some really creative fresh juices and a ton of Paleo friendly food. I got the chicken, which was cooked to perfection, and a really delicous gin cocktail I wish I remembered the name of.

It was really late by the time we got to the Pot Sticker in China Town. I started with some Tangyuan soup (Sweet Rice Ball Soup) which I’ve never had before. I’m pretty much obsessed with it. It’s a shame though, because it’s like impossible to find in Cincinnati. We got a few appetizers for dinner, and really regret not getting the hot pot. It seemed awesome and delicous. We were so beat by that point though, it took everything we had not to fall asleep right there in the resturant.

Breakfast at The Grind Cafe! Nothing is better than steak and eggs in the morning, for real. I didn’t take a picture of anything but my food (which was pretty much inhaled), so enjoy a photo from a house along the walk there.

We had to get a grilled cheese at the Muir Woods (The Redwoods)Trading Company Cafe. Which according to food network is one of the best in the country. It was simple, but damned good! Also the red woods are amazing. If you ever have the chance to see them, do it.

They’re will probably be a part two for food coming up, so keep your eyes peeled. Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend in the meantime though!

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