Working On: Blue Floral Colette Macaron

I’ve gotten pretty far with my Macaroon dress. I picked up this fabric over memorial day weekend. The floral is a lawn, and the bodice is probably a quilting fabric, but a heavier weight one for sure. I did a gathered skirt instead of the skirt with the pattern. I just cut out two thatContinue reading “Working On: Blue Floral Colette Macaron”

A Snail’s Pace : Sew Bossy

I know, I’m taking my sweet time with this project. It’s been pretty crazy around my house recently. I seem to be only able to get a few short spurts of sewing time in every evening. Here’s where the dress is at currently.  The bodice is pinned to the skirt, which are both sewn separately, butContinue reading “A Snail’s Pace : Sew Bossy”

On The Sewing Table: Sew Bossy

I didn’t have as much time to work on my sew bossy challenge as I would have liked this past weekend. I had some serious over grown grass in my huge backyard, and actually had to buy a new mower. Of all the things I’ve ever wanted to spend a couple hundred dollars on, somehow new lawnmowerContinue reading “On The Sewing Table: Sew Bossy”

The Great Gatsby Sewing Challenge

So I won’t lie, I had some grand plans for this challenge. But since I’ve been sick they all kind of fell through. I modified the, you guessed it, laurel for this dress. I used a brocade fabric I brought on sale ages ago for like a dollar a yard. The beading is an appliquéContinue reading “The Great Gatsby Sewing Challenge”