Working On: Blue Floral Colette Macaron

I’ve gotten pretty far with my Macaroon dress. I picked up this fabric over memorial day weekend. The floral is a lawn, and the bodice is probably a quilting fabric, but a heavier weight one for sure. I did a gathered skirt instead of the skirt with the pattern. I just cut out two that were about eight or so inches longer than half my wait measurement. I did two rows of basting stitching along the top, gathered them and sewed them to the waist band. I still need to hem it, install the invisible zip, take in an inch or two along the waist, and give a a good pressing.

I like it so far, even if it throws off tube dress with a tee shirt vibe. I grew up Mormon so it’s not like I’ve never done that before, ha.

I hope to finish this up tonight and post some proper photos!


Grandma Hair Level 9000

So I’m really lazy in the morning. So lazy that I have no qualms about making my boyfriend get up with me at six in the morning to make me coffee. Mind you he doesn’t go into work until around 11 most days. I can barely function, let alone deal with my majestic mane. I have pretty thick and curly hair naturally. While I know this is a dream for a lot of you straight haired ladies, I assure you that your end of the deal is the easier one. There’s really no way for me to have wash and go hair, so I normally just pin it up in a tight and professional looking bun. 

Over the weekend I usually get all crazy with hot rollers and hair flowers, but that’s only when I have half a day to get my rats nest sorted.  For example, here’s my normal hot roller set! 

I dig big hair, probably because I’m from the south. But a hot roller set isn’t exactly morning friendly. Too much thinking, too much time. I tried something else yesterday, while it still needs work, it’s a very doable weekday hair routine for me. I decided to conquer a wet set.

If you don’t know what a wet set is, I know your mom will. It’s a very vintage way of getting country club wife hair. It’s a no heat, minimal damage, easy solution. You’re gonna need some stuff you may or may not have. I brought all this from Sally’s for around 15$.

-Motions Foaming Wrap Lotion (You can also you gel, but it’ll be a bit on the crunchy side)

-Three packages of 1 1/8th foam rollers (I used two and half packs for my hair, but better more rollers than not enough)

-Alligator Clips (For holding down stubborn rollers that want to flop forward)

-A hair net (I chose this pink tie on one, because it made me feel less like a lunch lady than the other options)

I started with dry hair, and used a spray bottle with water to get it to just damp. I know it’s called a wet set, but as someone more well versed in vintage hair than I told me, long hair takes forever to dry in rollers. So err on the side of dry if your unsure. Brush through you hair and make sure there’s no tangles or anything that could kink on the roller.

Apply a generous amount of the wrap lotion, you think it’ll feel like mouse, but it doesn’t. I brushed my hair again to distribute it evenly. 

As far as rolling the hair, I didn’t follow a diagram in particular, I rolled my center front bang piece forward, and rolled the rest back. Make sure your hair sections are not wider and longer than the roller, otherwise things won’t be neat with you take everything out. Use a alligator clip to hold wily rollers down. The neater you are, the nicer your finished product will look. I won’t lie, this step alone took me like an hour. I know I’ll get faster if I do it every night, but there’s a learning curve for sure. As your rolling, your hair might need a spritz or too from the water bottle if it starts to dry out. 

Once everything is rolled and pinned, put on your hair net and fall asleep. Or if you’re like me and did it at six o’clock go about your life and pray your neighbors didn’t see you when you let the dog out. 

Once you wake up the easy part starts.

You can see my hairnet stayed really well all night, and these really weren’t that bad to sleep on. Take out all your foam rollers, making sure to slowly unroll them so you don’t snag or damage any of you hair. Your hair will look really bad, but I promise it gets better. I used two brushes to brush my hair out. A large barrel round boar bristle brush, and a flat boar bristle brush. I brushed everything forward and under using my hand on top the brush bristles to help smooth the hair. This is going to take longer than you think.

The third picture with super fluffy hair is about ten minutes in. Keep brushing until everything is smooth and nice. To be honest with you guys, I did most of the brushing as I drank my coffee and watched the new Arrested Development on Netflix. I added a bit of argon oil at my ends, and some aqua-net to smooth some baby hairs on my part. 

I think with a bit of practice, and a setting pattern I didn’t just make up, I could get used to this. 

Have you ever tried a wet set?

A Little Family History

The internet is amazing. I’ve known for awhile that my Grandfather was interviewed in a LIFE magazine. It was the “one with Ms. Monroe on the cover”, which didn’t really help narrow it down. I did try to find it if I was at antique mall or somewhere else that sold old LIFE magazines. I never managed to find it alas. 

Google has taken to scanning ALL the LIFE magazines though, and made my search much much easier. I found the article here. 

 There's my Grandpa in the helmet! He was a sonar man during his Naval Career. He ended as E-7, or a Chief Petty Officer.    Click To Enlarge

There’s my Grandpa in the helmet! He was a sonar man during his Naval Career. He ended as E-7, or a Chief Petty Officer.  Click To Enlarge

Here’s the cover! So it is “the one with Ms. Monroe” !  The images above are © by LIFE magazine, and per terms on google books are “free [for users to] access to share, print and post images for personal use.”

Sew Bossy Complete!

So I finally competed my sew bossy challenge! Please excuse the wrinkles.

Here’s my hand stitched hem! Time consuming, but worth it in the long run. The two sides meet up when the angle isn’t so weird, I promise.

For some reason when I wear the dress the top button aways covers itself. Maybe I needed to use a stronger interfacing for the lapel?

I did have to add a hook and eye closure to get the waistband to ay flat, but it worked perfectly!

This pattern was actually much easier to work with than I’d expected. I’ve never used a mail order vintage pattern before. There was much more hand sewing than I expected versus modern patterns, but I’m pretty sure that’s par for the course. 

I didn’t adjust the sizing at all. In hindsight I could have probably taken more out in the bust dart, or around the gathers. The bodice is a bit more blousy than I intimidated. Overall though, this might be one of my more favorite things I’ve sewn. It’s wearable in a lot of situations, and is really comfortable. Even though the gingham fabric tends to wrinkle a ton, it was easy to work with, and wonderful for the summer. 

I want to say a big thank you to Stephanie for sending me something so great! I can’t wait to see your finished project as well! I loved doing this sewing swap, and would be very open to more in the future ( with Stephanie or other readers/bloggers as well! ) It really got me outside my sewing box for a bit. It made me want to sew a new vintage styled wardrobe though, which I’m sure will only get more addicting as I go along. 

Also I want to remind everyone in the states (and those serving abroad) that at 3:00 pm on memorial day to think of (and thank) our soldiers, fallen or otherwise, with a moment of silence. As a navy brat myself, whose mother is a disabled vet, I’m proud to say that I support our troops (even if I haven’t support the wars which they’re in). I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend, and is mindful of scarifies that soldiers everywhere have made to protect mine and my country man’s freedom.


This week has been pretty uneventful. My sister did come and crash at my house for a bit before she starts her internship with NASA for the summer. She’s a rocket surgeon or something ;). She brought my moms dogs with her, and it was basically a puppy party all week. I moved my sewing space upstairs, and it’s basically the cats favorite place ever. I don’t  know the science behind it, but cats love piles of fabric. I did finish my sew bossy dress the other night, I’m hoping to take some pictures of it tomorrow morning. I’m also trying to decide my next sewing project, maybe hit up some fabric store sales this weekend?  

What about you ladies and gentlemen? Anything fun for this holiday weekend?

A Snail’s Pace : Sew Bossy

I know, I’m taking my sweet time with this project. It’s been pretty crazy around my house recently. I seem to be only able to get a few short spurts of sewing time in every evening. Here’s where the dress is at currently. 

The bodice is pinned to the skirt, which are both sewn separately, but not attached yet. I got the sleeves on, and they don’t look horrible! Huzzah! I’ve pinned on of the buttons on to give myself an idea of the finished look. I’ve got to do the button holes tonight probably. Somehow buttons holes seem like the worst thing ever. My machine has an automatic button holer, but somehow it still fudges everything up all the time. 

I’m hoping I can knock this out tonight, or at least get the buttons situated. I think I’m going to hem it up a good bit as well. It’s mid calf right now, and it would look much better just below the knee. We’ll see!