The Great Gatsby Sewing Challenge

So I won’t lie, I had some grand plans for this challenge. But since I’ve been sick they all kind of fell through. I modified the, you guessed it, laurel for this dress. I used a brocade fabric I brought on sale ages ago for like a dollar a yard. The beading is an appliqué I picked up on ebay, and the headband is just jersey and feathers.  I’m going to see the movie tonight, and plan on wearing this, I expect some “looks”! 

While I know this isn’t the best shape for my figure, it’s pretty authentic. I even wore a sports bra to help flatten out my girls, which takes a WHOLE LOTTA sports bra to be quite honest.

I’m going to wear it out with a drapey cardigan I picked up from target, it seems to go quite well.

Anyone else excited for the movie? I can’t be the only one sewing up some 1920’s frocks!

2 thoughts on “The Great Gatsby Sewing Challenge

    1. Yeah I feverishly busted this out in four hours because we’re going tonight! The inside looks a little rouuuugh.

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