Sew Bossy

I seem to be all about these sewing challenges and contests recently, don’t I? Best not to waste any of the sewing mojo I’ve seen to fallen into. The Sew Bossy Initiative is basically where another blogger sends you a complete project   (pattern, fabric, notions ect.) and you sew it. I was hoping to sew something I normally wouldn’t have, and will I ever.

My partner for this exchange is the lovely Stephanie of The Girl with the Star-Spangled Heart. Isn’t she cute? She’s an great seamstress as well! 

She sent me the most perfect vintage pattern ever, with the most lovely green gingham. Which will go really lovely with my new red hair (as you might have seen in the previous post.) A lovely 1960’s buttoned dress, with bias cut pockets, and optional sleeves. I spent most of the other day tracing the pattern onto freezer paper so I could alter it if need be. I plan on making the muslin this weekend. I’m not the best at buttons, so this will give me a bit of practice before I cut into the beautiful springy fabric she sent.

I think were shooting for a bit of a blogger meetup after we’ve both completed our projects, as we live fairly close to one another.

Anything good on your sewing tables right now readers?

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