New Vintage Patterns & Some Organization

I picked up two new 1950’s dress patterns recently! (My hoarding is now cable tv worthy) 

To the left we have Simplicity 3944 from 1952.  It’s got an interesting yoke, and an option for saddle stitched pockets! I really love this dress, even if the buttons are much more intimidating since I failed so miserably on my Hawthorn Muslin. I hope just taking my time and marking things out better will help! I really like this dress and it’s just dying to be made in check print like view 2.

To the right is Simplicity 4650 from 1954. It’s got a very interesting collar! The back view of the collar is my favorite, I think it would elongate a short neck. It’s even cute without the collar, just check out what I’m assuming are rick rack bows on view 3! If I made this up I would definitely do the contrasting collar, but use a gingham, one of my new favorite fabrics since the sew bossy swap! 

I think the dressed from the early fifties are some of my all time favorite styles. Sometimes the early sixties and I get along, but I’m pretty selective in that regard.  

I also stopped by IKEA yesterday and pick up a Bygel Rail to help organize my pretty heinously messy sewing space. That checks one thing off my list!  I’m hanging my cutting utensils and rulers. In one of the cups I have pens and fabric marking supplies. The other cup holds things I misplace often. Things like my pattern marking wheel, seam rippers, sewing machine tools, tube turners, seam gauges, ect. Hopefully this will help me keep them from getting misplaced so often! 

Still not the most beautiful space, but it’s getting more functional! I did throw a 3 dollar vinyl tablecloth on my temporary table to kind of spruce it up. I can’t wait until we can paint the floors and the walls white! It’ll really brighten it up! 

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