A Too Short Gentleman’s Necktie

Pre-father’s day Colette released a free tie pattern. I downloaded it right away and thought it would be a good way to use up some scraps! Little did I know it’s not really the most fabric frugal pattern. It’s lined, underlined, and cut on the bias. So it’s actually kind of a fabric hog. But I went ahead and made it anyway. Using about a yard that I had left from my Macraon Dress, I made my first tie! 


Cutting, like anything Bias cut was a total pain in the butt for me. It was kind of nice to actually do some hand sewing though! My stitches are getting less horrible.  


Let’s just pretend everything in this photo isn’t wrinkled to hell. You see, the tie is a good three inches short. For those of you who don’t know, a tie should reach the top of your belt buckle. I’m not sure if Colette knows that either, because they tie in there model photo is a tad too short, although not as short as mine came out. I actually finished this awhile ago, and it’s been sitting balled up on the table in defeat, which will help explain the wrinkles. As far as the shirt goes, let’s just say I couldn’t be bothered to iron something ten minutes before work when I made a groggy boyfriend model this.  

So when I finish the Hawthorn dress I’m working on right now, I’ll attempt this again, and add three, maybe four more inches to the pattern pieces. I’ll keep you updated! For those of you who haven’t sewn this and have a taller guy, I recommend measuring some of the ties they already own for comparison.   

2 thoughts on “A Too Short Gentleman’s Necktie

  1. Good to know! I used to have to wear ties as part of my work uniform, so I have a bunch of ties in my closet. I’m also starting the Hawthorne soon, but will definitely remember to compare the ties in the closet with the pattern pieces, once I’m ready to try making the necktie. I did google tie lengths and widths and found some good info on the history of men’s ties on Wikkipedia. I thought I might like to alter the pattern to make a 1940’s version and maybe a skinny 1960’s version.

    1. Oh that’s an idea to make it wider! My boy is def more a 60’s inspired kind of dresser, so it works out for us.

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