You really need to paint the porch.

When I bought my house I was so excited to do all the things I couldn’t do in an apartment. Paint my walls, rips out floors, switch my sinks, and everything else that seems super fun and important when you don’t actually HAVE to do it. 

One thing that seemed neither fun nor important was painting the porch. I had painted the front door red after we moved in, and that’s about when my painting motivation died. It’s still dead, but sometimes you just have to power through.  

Here’s the porch when we first moved in. It was pretty horrible. Covered in maroon outdoor carpeting, where the previous owners kept all twelve of her trashcans, and with some serious overgrown greenery. Also that screen door, I just can’t.  

The photo makes the paint color on porch look more brown than it was in real life. It was a purpley maroon color that I HATED. So we painted it white, removed the screen door, and painted the front door red. It worked, and was “good enough”. But then the paint on the front door started chipping.

For some reason having a chipped door and a chipped deck was unacceptable in my brain. On my way home from work before the fourth I stopped by home depot and picked up my supplies. 

  • Valspar latex floor and porch paint in the off the shelf brownstone color.
  • Valspar Exterior paint tinted to Pantone Universe Poppy Red. Note: The paint guy will try and tell you that he can only tint the pantone universe colors to the valspar signature paint (which is the most expensive). But they don’t have an exterior version of that paint. He’ll say it won’t match the chip, but mine did perfectly.  
  • Painter’s tape
  • Foam door and cabinet roller
  • Regular roller with a high nap. This will help cover how horrible and bumpy your porch is.  
  • Extension for your roller. Let’s not kill our backs painting the floors shall we?  
  • If you have vinyl siding, get some magic eraser to get all that dried paint off later. 



Here’s the door color. I love it! It dried a bit deeper, so it doesn’t look as pink.  I started with the door. I used my paint brush to get into all the weird nooks and finished with my foam roller brush and made it look as smooth as possible. Then I Painted the porch floor. I cut into the sides using my brush first. I then poured paint straight from the can and rolled it onto the floor. Painting myself into the house. With my leftover paint, I did the railings and the steps. I think it looks a thousand times better. 

The white spot on the steps is my wet paint sign. Yes I know my steps are sinking on the one side. To be fair it did take me two years to paint the porch so I wouldn’t hold your breath on that tutorial. I still need to repaint the side lights, but had already painted myself out of the porch by the time I remembered. It also started pouring as soon as I finished painting. It won’t ruin anything as my porch is covered and has a pretty decent roof overhang. It will however now take about 1000 years to dry. I’ll probably need to do a spot coat once it stops raining but overall I’m pretty pleased with the results. I’m thinking about using the rest of my poppy red to paint the porch swing. Also I want to set up some of my Ikea Urban spare chairs and use my porch for lurking more. We’ll see if it ever stops raining though!  

Hope all my US readers had a fun and safe Fourth of July! Also that it was less wet than mine.  

One thought on “You really need to paint the porch.

  1. Found your blog post while looking for pics of a red porch floor. I’ve been itching to repaint my door red and am considering doing the floor red too. Really nice inspiration here, your porch looks awesome! Thanks! ~Chrisy

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