Paleo Pineapple Popsicles!

It’s come to my attention recently that I needed a Popsicle mold ever since I saw Meg’s delicious looking moscato pops. For all the dumb kitchen gadgets I have and never use, a Popsicle mold wasn’t one of them. To my great fortune Joann’s had quite the selection in there summer clearance yesterday. I picked up this pink super twee looking one to start my Popsicle experiments. 


I need to go grocery shopping, but manged to make some great tasting pops from just a few things I had in my pantry. 

-1 15 ounce can coconut milk (full fat, thats how we roll around here) 

-1 large can crushed pineapple in 100% pineapple juice

-1 tbls. 100% vanilla extract

-honey to taste

Basically just throw everything in your blender until it’s smooth and pour into your molds and free. They are super tasty and easy. I usually have a smoothie every morning, and have pouring the leftovers into the molds as well. It’s great because I’m not wasting anything, and instant desserts! 



Sew Bossy Part Two!

Some of you might remember the sew bossy challenge I did back in May. Well I decided to give it another go when Lynne from Wonderfully Made asked if I would be her partner. I received the package a little bit ago, but have been a bad blogger and am only telling you now! 

In my package from Lynne I received the very cute and vintage pattern V8728, this glorious 100% cotton tropical shirting, and all the notions I needed! I love sew bossy because it really takes me out of my sewing comfort zone. For instance this dress needs shoulder pads, I have never used or worn them so that’ll be interesting. Also I don’t think I’ve ever worked with a tropical print before! The fabric is 100% cotton, so I was thinking I could also use this for the Fall for Cotton sew along as well! Two birds one stone! 

Completed Hawthorn!

I finally set aside a few hours to mark and sew my buttons holes, and finally finished the dress! I really like it! I made no alternations to the pattern whatsoever. 

Excuse this, it’s too humid to care, august hair!  

The coral belt is store bought. I like the way it looks with the light blue, but I really like all pinks! I used a stretchy cotton bottom weight, which was pretty forgiving fit wise. I might do a full bust adjustment next time. It’s a bit on the tight side around there currently. I would probably add a few inches to the skirt length as well. I don’t wear above the knee all that often and it just feels weird now!  The lipstick I’m wearing here is WNW megalast “Just Pink”. I normally don’t go for such light colors, but it matched my belt! I think besides the bit of tightness around the bust it fits me pretty well! Since it’s sleeveless, I’ll be able to dress it up well into fall with tights and cardigans! 

I’m pretty relieved the button holes went in without much to do! I’m always worried I’m going to ruin nicer fabric when I use it. More so than ever with this dress, since this is my keepsake from my trip to LA. I’m still dreaming of mood!  


Project Life Week Four

I’m officially a month into this little weekly scrapbook project and I’m finally finding my groove and my style. I present week four!  

I played a bit with acrylic paint this week, often painting directly on the photos. Not having scrapbooked in the age of digital photos until recently can i just say how nice it feels that I can do that? I don’t have to worry about ruining the photos, so I can play a lot more than before. 


  • Design A Pocket Page
  • Fifth and Frolic Core Kit
  • Folk Art Acrylic Paint in Baby Pink and Parisian Pink
  • Recollections letter stickers
  • Thickers flocked chipboard letters, letterman style
  • Sm@sh Washi Tape/Date Stickers/Label Stickers
  • Dollar bin alphabet stamps



Less of a deathtrap.

So I’ve been spending more time in the loft, where my craft room is. I’m also have some people over to craft in it tonight, and figured I should do something about the deathtrap that is the upstairs railing. Take a look.  

Yes, that is only one rail on the right side, and yes, my special needs cat has fallen through it. So my limited wood working skills (read: none to speak of) and I got to work. I measured the existing rail size, 1×2’s. I went to Lowes, and brought a bunch of the cheapest 1x2x8 furring strips (97c), and a box of drywall screws. It was pretty straight forward, I just measured and screw them in. 

It might be a good idea to have a helper to hold the boards, instead of turning into a monkey woman trying to stabilize the board with your feet and some painters tape. That method is pretty much bound to end up getting you about 1000 splinters, I’m speaking from first hand knowledge here. I used a Japanese hand saw to cut any bits off the ends, and called it a day. 


I still need to fill some cracks and cover the screw holes with wood filler, and repaint the railing, and really the whole stair well. At least I know my cat will stop falling down the stairs now though! It’s a good thing. 

I also picked up a small rug for under the really messy computer desk when I was at Lowes. I dig it, even if chevron is dead.   

New Sew/Craft Space

So remember when I showed you my really messy and temporary sewing space once I moved it upstairs? Lemme refresh your memory. 

Not my best work might be a gross understatement, but I just wanted to get out of the basement. I did something abut it last night though! With my leftover JetMax and Recollections craft cubes I made myself a much more visually pleasing desk area. 

Much better! The white and birch cabinet holds all my art supplies and sketch books. On top of that is my wireless printer, and some photos I need to work on. In the set of cubes next to that, the top holds some of Brian’s computer stuff, and the bottom has some albums, scrapbooks, my PL core kit, and sewing books.  The desk area next to that is my scrap-booking area. I have a cutting mat on that right now. The tray on top of the cubes holds some of my most used items. There’s a few paint colors that I’m really into. There’s also my glue roller, date stamp, black ink pad, photo trimmer, paint tray, two brushes, and paper clips. The bygel rail above it holds all my threads, sewing notions, writing instruments, cutting utensils, hole punch, and a clipboard. For the cubes in the middle, the top has a few patterns in the slots. The drawers hold interfacing, elastics, buttons, and such. The cube below that holds rulers, extra cutting mats, and a few french curves in the slots. The drawers have some extra art supplies, prismacolor pencils, and pastel pencils. The second desk area is my sewing area. On the desk there’s my sewing machine, my serger, and my pin cushion. In the last top cube is more of Brian’s cords and HD’s. The cube below that holds my tiny little stash of scrapbook paper. The boxes on the right side of the photo are my disgustingly big vintage & modern pattern hoard. I’m on a now official pattern purchase ban. 

I still need to repaint this whole room white, floor included. I also want to pick up another bygel wall rail, as the on I’m using now is getting pretty crowded holding all my thread.  

I still need to figure out my fabric storage situation though. Right now it’s in a laundry basket. I really like this accent cabinet from Target.


But I figure that can be my reward for painting. It’s not huge, but unlike patterns, I never seem to have a very big fabric stash.