New Sew/Craft Space

So remember when I showed you my really messy and temporary sewing space once I moved it upstairs? Lemme refresh your memory. 

Not my best work might be a gross understatement, but I just wanted to get out of the basement. I did something abut it last night though! With my leftover JetMax and Recollections craft cubes I made myself a much more visually pleasing desk area. 

Much better! The white and birch cabinet holds all my art supplies and sketch books. On top of that is my wireless printer, and some photos I need to work on. In the set of cubes next to that, the top holds some of Brian’s computer stuff, and the bottom has some albums, scrapbooks, my PL core kit, and sewing books.  The desk area next to that is my scrap-booking area. I have a cutting mat on that right now. The tray on top of the cubes holds some of my most used items. There’s a few paint colors that I’m really into. There’s also my glue roller, date stamp, black ink pad, photo trimmer, paint tray, two brushes, and paper clips. The bygel rail above it holds all my threads, sewing notions, writing instruments, cutting utensils, hole punch, and a clipboard. For the cubes in the middle, the top has a few patterns in the slots. The drawers hold interfacing, elastics, buttons, and such. The cube below that holds rulers, extra cutting mats, and a few french curves in the slots. The drawers have some extra art supplies, prismacolor pencils, and pastel pencils. The second desk area is my sewing area. On the desk there’s my sewing machine, my serger, and my pin cushion. In the last top cube is more of Brian’s cords and HD’s. The cube below that holds my tiny little stash of scrapbook paper. The boxes on the right side of the photo are my disgustingly big vintage & modern pattern hoard. I’m on a now official pattern purchase ban. 

I still need to repaint this whole room white, floor included. I also want to pick up another bygel wall rail, as the on I’m using now is getting pretty crowded holding all my thread.  

I still need to figure out my fabric storage situation though. Right now it’s in a laundry basket. I really like this accent cabinet from Target.


But I figure that can be my reward for painting. It’s not huge, but unlike patterns, I never seem to have a very big fabric stash.  

One thought on “New Sew/Craft Space

  1. Hi! I was wondering where you got your desk set? I absolutely adore it. I currently have my sewing machine and cricut on a fold out table (almost EXACTLY like the one you have) and that will just not cut it in the future. I really love your space and am totally jealous!

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