Cover Girl Clean Whipped Cream Foundation Review

From time to time I get send products for review from Bzzagent. This is one of those reviews. The product was provided to me at no charge, but the opinions are my own.

This is a new foundation, from probably my least favorite drugstore brand, Covergirl. I just seem to have the worst of luck with their products. They all also seem to have that Covergirl scent, which I hate. Leave my lipsticks and foundations unscented please. However, I was pleasantly surprised with this product.  

The texture is not like previous whipped products which I’ve tried. This feels light, yet still very fluid. The texture is not like the dream mouse foundation.

It goes on very evenly, and even though my skin was dry it didn’t accentuate any peeling. I applied it using first my fingers, then a stippling brush. I applied a fairly light amount, focusing under my eyes and on any redness. Here are the results. Left is bare faced (I know :/) right is with foundation.


I feel like this color makes me a bit pinker overall, but did a good job even with the light amount I put on. Because of the pink undertones though, this probably wouldn’t be great for yellow and olive toned skins. It seems like it would lend itself to be a very build-able foundation if that’s your thing.  

It does still have that scent all their products have, but it didn’t seem nearly as bad as some of their other foundations I’ve tried. I wore it out for a few hours and it seemed to stay put, but it’s very cold here right now. I can’t comment on how it holds up in the heat.  

Overall though, this is probably one of my favorite foundations I’ve tried recently. Certainly number one in the Covergirl brand.   I do wish it was unscented, and maybe a bit less pink, but it works well with my skin tone. 

Have you tried this yet? What do you think? 

Life Recently.

I’ve been very unplugged from the world wide recently, and I have to say it’s been kind of nice. I’ve been blogging since I was about 12, and have no intentions of stopping. As with any hobby though, the actual drive to do it ebbs and flows. My will to blog is definitely ebbing this month, but it’ll be back soon I’m sure.

But besides that life has been great! I love this weather, even though I kind of loathe the on set of winter. I’m counting the minutes until my boyfriend Brian will allow me to put up the Christmas tree. That’s the second after Thanksgiving pie is finished for those of you wondering! Here’s some instaphotos of whats going on around these parts. 


I have some plans to work on some sewing this weekend, so maybe a post about that soon! How have all my lovely readers been recently?