A Very Crafty Christmas

So my family knows me well, or at least knows the link to my amazon wishlist. Can I share all my awesome craft related gifts with you guys? 

First up my largest gift! I got a real, non duct tape dress form. It’s the Drizt My double dress form to be exact. I like it so far, but I have yet to drape anything on it. I’m thinking about buying some dress pads and padding her out to match me a bit more. She’s also got a hem marker! I’ve never used one am I’m pretty stoked to have more even hems. 

A beautiful set of french curves. Some Chaco Pen Liners (which are my new favorite marking tool!). A pair of Gingher pinking shears, I’ll admit I’ve never actually owned any pinking shears. This pair seems glorious though! And a very space age looking gingher seam ripper (two actually!).

This very Technical book which I have been lusting after. I’d like to start drafting some of my own patterns in the coming year. Wish me luck! 

My brand new, heavy duty, old fashioned iron! This thing is a beast and I love it. Also my first Tailors ham and seam roll, which I’ve already used to death. How I lived without them I’ll never know. 

Did you guys get anything crafty for Christmas?

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