Sewing Goals

In 2013 I made a lot of dresses, and that’s about it. Of those dresses I wore only a few more than once, and even fewer than that made it intact threw the wash. May I present the survivors of this years sewing.

  • This year I intend to sew things that fill more gaps in my wardrobe. Separates are a must, pants in particular. I also have very little in the way of non jersey tops, so some blouses are in order. And since I work in a professional environment why not throw in a vintage suit, the kind I’m always waxing poetic on.
  • 2014 will also be the year I focus on fit, and drafting for correct fit. I’m going to buy a whole bolt of muslin and actually make toiles this year. Yes it’s tedious, and doubles the amount of work for a garment. I’ve had so many things I’ve made this year just fit so awful that it needs to be done. I’d say for every project I post three never saw the light of day. 
  • This is also the year I spend more on high quality fabric. My last project of 2013 which you will never see what made out of some really horrible broadcloth. Never again! 

Do you have any sewing goals for this next year? 

One thought on “Sewing Goals

  1. These are really great goals! In 2013, I focused on using just natural fibers (and no quilting cottons!) and it really changed how much my finished projects got worn. For 2014, I mostly just want to slow down and enjoy the sewing process and stash bust, of course!

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