Danish Oil on Brasilla

So I know I’ve been a bad blogger, but for good reasons! I’ve been pinching pennies for a trip to europe this year! In fact I’ve even been selling some stuff that doesn’t fit very well in my house anymore. The brasilla commodes are one of those things. They were one of my first purchases for the house at 30$ for the pair. While they worked that first year I haven’t really been able to find a place for them since then. I decided to give them a little love and sell them to a dealer. Enter danish oil. For those of you who don’t know, this stuff is the bomb.com. Like the easiest way to refresh wood, especially mid century wood.  Get ready for the easiest tutorial of all time.

I cleaned and scraped off a bit of white paint that had gotten on one of the commodes. To be honest they were looking kind of rough. 

See, not the best looking top ever. I mean it’s not horrible, but we can do better. So I picked up a small bottle of danish oil and some lint free rags for about 10 bucks. 

Now brace yourself, here’s where it gets complicated. I poured a generous amount right on the top of the commode, took my lint free cloth, and rubbed it in. I coated it fairly generously, waited a half hour, then did it again. After another hour I took a clean dry cloth and removed any oil that didn’t get absorbed into the wood (which wasn’t a lot). And then… you’re done. Look at how pretty these babies are now! 


They’re still not perfect, but good enough for me to sell them to a dealer for 400$ (which is way under what they’re worth, but I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of finding someone willing to pay that like the dealer will.) Have you ever used danish oil? Or better yet what are you’re favorite ways to make a bit of money on the side to fundraise for yourself? 

2 thoughts on “Danish Oil on Brasilla

  1. wow, what a great find!! those are beautiful! and what a return on investment you got for them. i’d never heard of danish oil before, but it seems simple enough to use, which is right up my alley.

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