On being content with less.

I mentioned the trip to Paris I’m taking this year in the last post. We’ve had to cut our spending budget down by quite a bit to be able to afford our already frugal trip. I’ve been taking practically any photography job I can get. I’ve also been weeding through our belongings to try and see what we really need and use. Then tossing or selling what falls by the wayside. 

When I started in this whole new frame of mind, I thought it was going to majorly blow. But you know what? It’s not that bad. I kind of like it even. It’s very different from how I was when I first bought the house. Heck even buying the house was the tiniest bit of keeping up with the Jones’. I’m glad I did, because it’s turning out to be a very sound investment all the same. There’s lots of stuff we could be improving in the house with the money were spending on this trip. Were in need of a new deck, and some other repairs. And I would love new floors throughout the house, or maybe even a new bathroom. You know what though? None of those things are going to need to be done. Sure the some deck boards definitely need replaced, but the whole deck replacement can wait. I’ll just keep it clean and fix what I can in the meantime. Travelling and experience are important to me, so I’m making sacrifices to do it. 

I’ve decided that I’m not buying anything for the house unless it’s perfect, and something I plan on using forever. There’s no more of this phase one, or placeholder malarkey. You end up wasting money and adding to landfills that way. So while I still plan on blogging about the house, I don’t think it will be to the kind of materialistic extent it was over the past few years. 

As far as sewing goes, I seem to be doing far more mending than actual sewing. But now that the holidays are officially over, I’ll have much more time to get down to some wardrobe building. I have a few travel pieces I’d like to start working on, like a capsule wardrobe, soon. I’m heading to Joann’s armed with some birthday gift cards to see if I can get all the fabric I need to start. 

I put in my passport application earlier in the month. Something I’ve put off doing for far too long. I was always afraid it would be too expensive and a hassle. Granted the fees are expensive, but worth it. We bought our travel packs as well last week. Isn’t it funny how something as small as a backpack can get you so excited. I’m already seeing all the places beyond Paris we’ll take these guys. 

It’s also my 25th birthday today! I’m excited to say the goal from here on out is going to be experiences vs. things. I’d like to embrace a new minimalism in my life. A simplicity that will help facilitate everything I want to do, and everywhere I want to go. 

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